Pranapad – Meditation cushion & healing crystals

The first meditation cushion with healing crystals.

Improve your life and meditation with positive energy vibrations – PranaPad®


PranaPad Zafu

Traditional Zafu meditation cushion with included healing crystal pad.


PranaPad Zafu & zabuton

Zafu & Zabuton combo for the most comfortable meditations. Included, the PranaPad healing crystal pad.


PranaPad Features

  • Supreme meditation cushions (Zafu & Zabuton)
  • Emoto certified PranaPad crystal pad
  • Durable, washable and removable cotton outer coating
  • Separate inner buckwheat (Zafu) or cotton (Zabuton) filling
  • Zip lock to easily adjust the filling
    quantity to your body type
  • Chakras supporting colors
  • Strong spiritual guidance
  • Lightweight and easy to
    carry with you


Only PranaPad includes the Masaru Emoto certified Crystal Pad.

You get 16 powerful and energized crystals within every PranaPad.

See how crystal affect your body and mind.


Improve Water

You can use your PranaPad to improve the quality of your water. It will work on any of your body fluids but you can use it also on your drinking water or the water for your flowers or pets.

Hado life masaru emoto test - before PranaPad


Hado life masaru emoto test - after PranaPad


Hado life masaru emoto test - before pranapad


Hado life masaru emoto test - after pranapad


PranaPad is Emoto certified. This means it has passed the dr. Masaru Emoto’s test.

Water after PranaPad treatment builds beautiful crystals, like the ones in natural spring water.

No More Pain

PranaPad will help you achieve perfect posture while meditating. No more back pain. No more knee or ankle strains.

PranaPad Zafu is filled with buckwheat and will easily conform to your body and give you the needed stability during meditation. It will tilt your pelvis forward, naturally and effortlessly correct your posture. Forget about thinking to straighten your back and pull your shoulder blades together, you can finally solely focus on your meditation.

Deeper Level

PranaPad has even more to offer. Every Zafu and Zabutton feature a strong spiritual guidance symbol. A mandala. And the colors are selected to stimulate your chakras.

Deepen your meditation and achieve more. With PranaPad!


The Best Meditation Cushion

Improve your meditation experience and posture while the crystals work on your body.

Get you own PranaPad crystal enhanced meditation cushion, improve your energy flow and induce your body’s self-healing abilities now.


Only 15 Minutes

You can achieve better health with only 15 minutes daily.

PranaPad is unique, patented and tested. You won’t get anything remotely similar anywhere else. PranaPad is sold only through this official site.

Get you own PranaPad crystal enhanced meditation cushion, improve your energy flow and induce your body’s self-healing abilities.

Use Anywhere

PranaPad is light weight. Take your Zafu anywhere with the integrated holder, put it under your desk or in the office cabinet. Use it after the gym or in the park.

Don’t worry if you get it dirty. PranaPad is washable.

If you forget to meditate or just want more crystal therapy, just easily remove the PranaPad crystal pad from the Zafu and use it under your bed sheets, kitchen chair, sofa or car seat. The possibilities are endless.

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16 crystals included in pranapad

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New to meditation?

Don’t worry, meditations isn’t as hard as you might imagine. Everybody can do it, so just go ahead and try it. Use this helpful guide to get you started with meditation.