PranaPad | Retake your Inner Balance

If you want to improve your life and sleep with positive energy vibrations, stop searching – the solution is PranaPad®

PranaPad has all the benefits of crystal therapy and meditation cushion. While using those together with all the color and symbol power you will achieve a synergistic effect that will surpass every health benefit on its own.

PranaPad is a unique crystal structure that enhances life. PranaPad contains 16 all natural crystals in combination with gold to provide perfect body energy.

PranaPad crystals are unique, patented and tested. Their effects are scientifically proven.

PranaPad will help you have more energy, sleep better, reduce stress, calm you down and cheer you up. More energy will help you be more productive and creative at you work and life in general. You will gain better focus and memory and be able to better control depression, sadness and fears on the emotional level. On the spiritual level you will increase your psychical and spiritual power, change the attitude towards yourself and others.

You meditation experience will improve with the supportive cushioning and your posture will be better. No more back, shoulder or neck pain.

PranaPad | Retake your Inner Balance


  • protects you from harmful radiation,
  • changes the water structure in your body, breaking energy blockades and regenerating your bio-energetic field,
  • replenishes and balances your energetic body that is the predisposition for regeneration and self-healing of the body,
  • enhances the action of any nearby crystal (e.g. necklace, ring),
  • purges the negative energy and emotions form other people on the non-physical, astral level and protects us from them.

When you use PranaPad you will get:

  • more energy,
  • less headaches,
  • better, deeper sleep,
  • better regeneration after physical activity,
  • better hydration and nutrient transport,
  • sense of inner peace and calm,
  • mental and spiritual boost,
  • longevity and wellbeing.
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