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PranaPad - zafu & zabuton, mandala chakra in nature

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Frequently Asked Questions about PranaPad

What is the crystal structure of PranaPad?
Crystals and minerals in crystal form included in PranaPad are: flint, quartz, amethyst, aventurine, citrine, fluorite, heliotrope, red jasper, jasmine jasper, jasper leopard, jasper orange, calcite orange, rose quartz, selenite, serpentine jade, sodalite and 22.5-carat gold.

You can read more about crystals in PranaPad here.

How do I use PranaPad meditation cushion?
Put the cushion on the floor or any other stable surface you would like to meditate on. Use standard meditation techniques you are used to and just let the crystals work on their own.

If you are new to meditation, you can use this guide to help you get started or you can read more about meditation postures.

How do I clean PranaPad?
Put the crystals on the sun once or twice weekly to purge and recharge them. The crystals are already programmed so you don’t need to perform any additional purging rituals.

If you get the PranaPad dirty just take the cover off using the built in zip-lock and put it in the washing machine.

You can read more detailed instructions on the bottom of the “How to use” page.

What is the main principle behind PranaPad?
PranaPad contains a crystal mixture that impacts your body homeostatic balance. Crystals are know for their healing powers and we have tested ours with the Hado life institute after the Masaru Emoto method.

On the other hand PranaPad is a supreme meditation cushion that will correct your posture, cushion your knees and ankles and make your meditation more pleasant.

The two other things are the colors of chakras that work as color therapy and the included spiritual guidance symbol known as mandala.

You can read more about the Emoto certificate here and click here if you want to know more about the benefits of using PranaPad.

Why do you put crystals in the Flower of Life shape?
In the process of developing PranaPad we noticed a far stronger effect if the crystals where positioned in the Flower of Life shape. There results where even better without the outer ring that kept the energy from radiating out. We were surprised over the results and are happy that PranaPad got its final form and the beautiful form went on to become a part of the PranaPad logo.
Do you have and advice how to start meditating?
Actually, we do. And we wrote a quick guide about it.
Do I have to use PranaPad only for meditation?
You can use PranaPad as crystal therapy and energetic support wherever you are stationary. You can sit on it watching TV, doing your homework, you can take it out of the bottom of the meditation cushion and put in on your office or kitchen chair. You can slide it into your sleeping pillow or use it in your car. The options are limitless.

One powerful addition is the improving of water quality and that is well proven with the Emoto certificate. Just put a glass of water on the PranaPad and leave it there of 15 minutes. This will change the crystalline structure of water, making it more fluent and able to cross into cells. You can also use this water to water your plant or for your pets. They respond beautifully to it.

Is PranaPad portable?
You can take PranaPad with you wherever you go. The Zafu has a carrying handle and you can roll up the Zabuton to make it easier to transport. Optionally you can remove the included Crystal pad if you want to significantly reduce weight and volume. The crystal weights only a few grams and fits in any suitcase or backpack.
Can I share my PranaPad with more people?
Crystals in PranaPad will tune to your optimal body vibration so we do not suggest you share with others. If you do decide to share it, please purge the crystals thoroughly every time another person will use them.
Should I use water to clean the crystals?
Although water won’t have any negative impact on the crystals themselves, we do not recommend washing them. Dry purging the crystals is perfectly safe and effective.

Crystals in PranaPad are contained between 2 sheets of felt and water could separate those, displacing the crystals. This would have a negative impact on the overall effectiveness of crystal therapy.

Why does the PranaPad crystal pad contain gold?
Gold is placed in the product because of its conducting properties. It will discharge the accumulated energy of the crystals if needed.
Where do the crystals come from?
We take the crystal quality very serious. As crystals are natural materials their quality fluctuates considerably. We therefore have multiple sources and test every batch.
The crystals are placed below me. Will they work on my entire body?
Yes, they do work on the whole body. The vibrations spread over the PranaPad and your body by contact. They also influence your body fluids that travel through your body, taking it to every cell.
Is it enough if I put the crystal pad on the window to purge them?
Yes you can place it anywhere on direct sunlight to purge and re-energize them. It is preferable that you open up the window and let in some fresh air if this is possible. Just be sure that the wind doesn’t blow it away.
Do you use glue to fix the crystals in the pad? Isn’t glue harmful?
Not every glue is harmful, you could actually do your own glue at home using corn starch, corny syrup and white vinegar.

We use 100% BIO degradable glue that will not harm your health or the environment.

Where do you produce the PranaPad crystal pads?
The production site of the crystal pads is in Germany.

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