PranaPad | Retake your Inner Balance

PranaPad will help you achieve your optimal wellbeing by protecting you from harmful radiation, regenerating your BIO field and influencing your body water, making it more fluent and energized. It will also help you achieve the best postural position in meditation, straighten your back and prevent back and knee pain.

PranaPad creates a harmonic vibrating field around you and its effectiveness was thoroughly tested by the dr. Masaru Emoto Hado Life institute where it was awarded the Emoto label.

PranaPad is a crystal therapy integrated into a meditation cushion

so you can harvest both their benefits at the same time.

Benefits of using PranaPad meditation cushion

The crystal structure inside PranaPad forms a strong and harmonic vibration field that:

  • protects you from harmful radiation,
  • changes the water structure in your body, breaking energy blockades and regenerating your bio-energetic field,
  • replenishes and balances your energetic body that is the predisposition for regeneration and self-healing of the body,
  • enhances the action of any nearby crystal (e.g. necklace, ring),
  • purges the negative energy and emotions form other people on the non-physical, astral level and protects us from them.

PranaPad will help you have more energy, sleep better, reduce stress, calm you down and cheer you up. More energy will help you be more productive and creative at you work and life in general. You will gain better focus and memory and be able to better control depression, sadness and fears on the emotional level. On the spiritual level you will increase your psychical and spiritual power, change the attitude towards yourself and others.

By changing the water crystal structure in your body your body fluids will cross the cell membranes more easily providing them with nutrients and removing toxins. It will also enhance the effects of any medication or supplement you may take. And that is in addition to better energy flow and balance.

You will mostly feel peace, relief and relaxations with the feeling of cozy warmth in your hands and feet but the first contact with the PranaPad might be a bit different. It is not unusual to first feel pressure, tension and twitching with the appearance of light headaches and dizziness. This is a sign of the body purging form energy blockades that might have been there for years. These symptoms should subside within 2 weeks of regular usage and are not harmful to your body. In fact, they mean that you have energy blockades and that PranaPad is really working.

You can use PranaPad without any time limitations, as it cannot be harmful to you or anybody else in anyway. It can be used by adults and children alike.

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PranaPad - meditation cushion, waterfalls

Crystal therapy

Crystals and crystal therapy have a very long tradition in healing and wellbeing.

Their healing powers are based on the fact that every crystal has its own inner structure that vibrates at a certain frequency. Depending on the organ, the cells of our body also have different vibration frequencies that transfer energy and enable cell communication. When this energy flow is blocked, we get tired, ill and depressed.

When the frequencies match and resonate, an energy transfer occurs that breaks those energy blocks without influencing healthy organs and cells. In time, the energy flow becomes balanced again and the cells and organs can then heal themselves. This is called vibration or energy healing and can return stability and balance to your body energy system and stimulate the natural regeneration and self-healing abilities.

Most crystal therapies work by placing certain minerals on single points throughout the body. The time needed for the crystal to have an effect depends on the severity of the energy blockade and the energy the crystal has. In some cases crystal therapy works even within 15 minutes.

Crystal therapy is a gentle, non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically. It will balance your mind, body, emotions and spirit. It increases your feeling of wellbeing and neutralizes your negative thoughts which helps you to live a fulfilling and happy life.

PranaPad is a unique crystal structure that enhances life. PranaPad contains 16 all natural crystals in combination with gold to provide perfect body energy.

The crystals in PranaPad are specially selected and programmed to their maximum potential.

PranaPad crystals are unique, patented and tested. Their effects are scientifically proven.

Using PranaPad for at least 15 minutes a day will break the energy blockades in your body and allow your cells to regenerate and self-heal. You only need to sit on the PranaPad for crystal therapy to work but you can put it under the most affected body part or even sleep with it, to make the effect even stronger. Don’t forget to purge and energize the crystals regularly.

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zafu meditation cushion with crystal therapy - PranaPad, river Soča

Hado and Water Consciousness

Water consciousness or water memory is the ability of water to change and adapt its physical structure in regard to external environmental exposures and to memorize this change even long after the stimulus occurred.

In the 90’s, a Japanese doctor of alternative medicine, dr. Masaru Emoto invented a method to photograph crystals of frozen water through a microscope. When taking photos and exploring different sources of water he noted that there’s a big difference in the beauty and regularity of shape from tap, river, lake and spring water.

Tap water and polluted river or lake water produced irregular, ugly shapes while clear, spring water crystallized into beautiful, unique forms.

Dr. Emoto and his Hado Life team continued to photograph and study water and its memory. Their findings have been published in the peer reviewed scientific journal, Journal of Scientific Exploration and his book entitled Hidden Messages in Water. His ideas also appeared in movies What the Bleep Do We Know!? and Kamen Rider: The First.

In his research he found that water exposed to nice words, peaceful music and prayer, formed nicely shaped crystals while if exposed to bad thoughts, words or music the crystals would form irregular, deformed crystals. He concluded that our thoughts, music and words all have their specific vibration that they pass on the water. The most potent words where love and thankfulness. This effect is called hado.

PranaPad - meditation cushion, sunrise, mountain


In his book dr. Emoto explains that:

Hado is the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.”.

Hado creates words. Words are the vibrations of nature. Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe.”

The Hado concept has quickly spread through Japan and you can now hear the word Hado being used in sentences like “Hado of this place is low” or “He really has a strong Hado” quite often.

In the same way that water receives vibrations from the environment, Water Consciousness also works in the opposite direction. This means that water can be used to transfer information at the molecular, atomic and subatomic level.

Hado water or water that has been “positively programmed” with Hado, helps to preserve our health.

The water we drink gets to every cell where it can influence the vibration blockades and therefore influence the body energy flow.

You can strongly influence the Hado content of water by placing it near PranaPad. This will work on drinking water or even your body water. If you sit on PranaPad, your body fluids will receive positive energy vibrations that will change its molecular structure. Water with better crystal structure flows better, therefore it reaches your cells easily, allowing better fluid exchange within your body.

Moreover, this works on your flowers and pets.

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PranaPad sitting posture drugin meditation

Meditation cushion

Not everybody has the super flexibility to sit in the lotus posture on the floor and for most of us this is not exactly a comfortable experience. Sitting in a posture your body was not designed generally causes the legs, hips, spine, shoulders, neck and head to miss-align and at least causes discomfort. In the long run, this can cause even more serious postural problems and chronic pain.

Meditation cushions Zafu and Zabutton can greatly improve your posture and comfort during meditation and create a totally different experience for you. With a more pleasant experience you are also more likely to meditate regularly, and after all this is what you’re after, isn’t it?

During a sitting meditation in either the full or half lotus posture a firm foundation is crucial. The spine should be erect, forming the known S curve. PranaPad naturally supports your body and reduces stress on your spine, neck, shoulders, knees and ankles.

PranaPad zafu is a round plated cushion that raises your hips and with it your upper body so your legs can rest comfortably even if you don’t have the flexibility for the regular or even half lotus position on the floor.

Zafu supports your spine during meditationThe most common position on the Zafu is sitting on the front edge so that the thighs slope down slightly. This then rolls your hips forward and creates a natural lordosis curve of your spine that is the basis of proper upper body posture. Your upper back, shoulders, neck and head will naturally follow the position of your hips and lower back, resting comfortably and with ease during meditation.

PranaPad is filled with buckwheat hulls and in the Zafu they act somehow like a pile of sand but are a lot lighter. This way PranaPad stays all natural and lightweight so you can take it with you anywhere you go while still providing the optimal, firm support that conforms easily to any body shape.

If you want to protect your knees and ankles additionally, Zafu can be used with a base rectangular cushion named Zabuton. Proper alignment of the body in the sitting posture can create unwanted pressure on the knees and ankles and the zabuton helps to cushion these pressure areas.

Zabuton is placed below the Zafu and will additionally help with flexibility issues, as it will increase the lift of your spine even more, without affecting your stability.

With Zabutton your legs will have a soft supportive base to rest upon thus improving your meditation experience even more.

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zafu meditation cushion with crystal therapy - PranaPad, butterfly

Colors and chakras

The concept of chakras originated in the early traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jaininsm. Chakras are bodies focal points and are important for the energy flow. Buddhist texts mention five chakras, while some Hindu sources mention six or seven. It is interesting that chakras somewhat overlay with the endocrine system of the modern medicine body.

Every chakra has its unique function and is represented by a different color. The seven main chakras are:

  1. Sahasrara or the crown chakra is to topmost chakra in the subtle body. It’s located on the top of the head and is considered to be the highest spiritual center and the state of pure consciousness. A lotus with thousand petals and the pink color symbolize it.
  2. Anja or the third eye chakra is located behind the eyebrows putting it in the place around the pineal gland. Anja is the subtle center of energy with the dual petal lotus and the violet color symbolizing it.
  3. Vishuddha or the throat chakra is associated with the element of space and is represented by a sixteen-petal lotus in blue color.
  4. Anahata or the heart chakra is located behind the heart. It symbolizes the union of male and female and is the esoteric symbol of air. Its symbol is a twelve petal lotus and the green color.
  5. Manipura or the solar plexus or navel chakra is representative of self-discovery. This chakra is represented as an upward pointing triangle representing fire in the middle of a lotus with ten petals. Its color is yellow.
  6. Svadhisthana or sacral chakra is located at the root of the sexual organ along the spine. It is connected to water and represented by a lotus with six petals in orange color.
  7. Muldhara or the root chakra is located at the base of the spine and represents the element of earth. Symbolized as a four-petaled lotus it’s associated with the color red.

PranaPad was designed with the chakra colors in mind. The design goes from yellowish, green and blue to red, purple and pink. This way PranaPad supports all your chakras energy flow that is important for your health and physical as mental wellbeing.

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Symbolic meaning

At the heart of the symbols on PranaPad is the PranaPad logo. Its design uses the same sacred geometry principles as The Flower of Life that is built by combining universal shapes that are a part of designing our reality and life matrix. It’s the geometry of conciseness where there’s no beginning and no end. Everything just is. Every living thing has its own shape, its own code that it grows by and develops. Everything is an algorithm, repetition, a fractal.

As such the PranaPad logo is an interlace of circles forming a blossom and an infinity sign.

Every PranaPad also includes a mandala that grows out of the PranaPad logo in the center. On the Zafu the mandala is placed in the center and on the Zabuton you have four smaller mandala, one in each corner.

Mandala is a fractal-shaped pattern that continues into infinity. It’s a Hindui and Buddhist ritual symbol representing the universe. In various spiritual traditions they are used for focusing attention and as a spiritual guidance tool for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction. As such, mandala is a symbol of great spiritual power that will help guide you at achieving your physical, mental or spiritual goals.

One of the natural mandalas is the snowflake as are crystals and crystallized water.

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PranaPad - best meditation cushion & crystal therapy

How to use PranaPad?

The main purpose of PranaPad is to serve as crystal therapy and meditation cushion but it can also be used as crystal therapy during sleeping, driving or any other stationary activity. You can also use it to improve the quality of the water you drink use to water your plants or you can use it to support the wellbeing and health of your pets.

The crystal therapy

Crystals in PranaPad work on you whenever you are near them. They work best if they are directly below you. The crystals are placed on the bottom of PranaPad so you can easily access it via a zip locker.

It is recommended you use the crystals for at least 15 minutes every day. There is no upper time limit for using the PranaPad.

You will mostly use PranaPad for meditation, during which it will work on you via crystal therapy in general and additionally enhance your meditation.

The crystals will also affect your body water making it more fluent and energized. This is also known as the consciousness of water.

Our bodies consist of more than 60% water. For optimal health we should drink about 2.5 liter water daily. PranaPad changes the crystal structure of this water making it energized and more fluent. This then effects every cell of your body.

If you want you can use the crystals separated from the meditation cushion. You can easily remove it from the bottom of the Zafu and put it on your chair, sofa, car seat or your bed to gain even more from crystal therapy.

Remember that crystals emit but also receive vibrations and they get tuned to a specific person. It is therefore recommended that only one person uses a single PranaPad. If you tend to give PranaPad to somebody else, please purge it beforehand.

zafu meditation cushion with crystal therapy - PranaPad, energizing water

Consciousness of Water

Water is the biggest and most important part of our body. Because the water we drink enters every part of our body, the quality of our drinking water has an enormous impact on our health.

The crystals in PranaPad can change the molecular structure of the water, making it more fluent and able to form crystals itself. It has been shown that such energized water has a structure similar to pure, natural spring water.

Aside drinking water, PranaPad can energize other liquids you use in your household, even the water you use for watering your plants.

To energize your water you just put it on the PranaPad for 20 minutes. We recommend you to use natural containers such as glass. Try to avoid plastic.

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The meditation cushion

As a meditation cushion, PranaPad supports your posture and cushions your knees and ankles during sitting meditation. The crystal pad within PranaPad supports your energy, physical, psychical and spiritual balance and enhances other positive aspects of meditation.

The colors and symbols on the PranaPad serve as a powerful guidance and aid in your quest for better physical and mental health.

If you have the Zafu & Zabuton combo you should first place the Zabuton on your favorite meditation spot. Then place the Zafu on the back center of the Zabuton. Place it so that when you sit down on the Zafu, your body sits in the middle of the Zabuton.

If possible sit on the front part. The buckwheat filling will easily conform to your body. If you feel your sitting position is too high you can remove some of the buckwheat filling through the integrated zip locker.

You should be able to sit upright naturally and with ease. Your thighs should point slightly downwards as your pelvis is rotated a bit to the front. This supports the natural curve of your lower back. You should feel comfortable and grounded at the same time.

Now you are ready to meditate.

If you only have the Zafu, just follow the instructions without using the Zabuton. You can use a blanket or a pillow instead the Zabuton if you like.

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PranaPad - zafu & zabuton, mandala chakra, crystal pad

Maintenance of the PranaPad

If you take care of your PranaPad it will serve you for years.

We tried to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your PranaPad clean and the crystals purged.

Cleaning the PranaPad

All the outer coating is made of durable cotton and is washable. If you notice your PranaPad is getting dirty you just unzip the bottom, take out the crystal pad and the buckwheat filling (it is contained in another cotton coating so it’s easy to remove) and then you can machine or hand wash the outer part of the PranaPad. Do not worry about the colors, they won’t wash off.

We recommend you not to use temperatures higher than 40oC while washing your PranaPad.

When you are done just insert the buckwheat filling and the crystals again and you are set for your next meditation.

Never wash the buckwheat filling as it can tear or become moist and consequently form mold.

The same principle goes for the cotton filled Zabuton.

Purging and energizing the crystals

We recommend you to purge and energize your crystals once or twice a week, depending on how heavy you use them.

To purge and energize the crystals you should open the zip on the bottom of the Zafu and remove the crystal pad. Put the crystal pad in the sun and air, maybe in front of an open window or similar. After 30 minutes your crystals should be ready to be used again.