PranaPad sitting posture drugin meditation

Meditating isn’t all that hard. Forget about all the myths you’ve heard like you have to have a totally empty head, you are not allowed to move, you should levitate…

We will teach you the basics of meditation in just a few minutes so you can get started. This will be enough to significantly reduce your level of stress and expect some interesting insights into your body and mind.

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So let’s get started!

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How to sit on PranaPad?

Take your PranaPad Zafu and place it a bit back from the center on your Zabuton. If you don’t have the PranaPad Zabuton you can use a pillow or some other soft base.

Sit on the Zafu in the best comfortable position. Cross your legs in front of you. Don’t worry about any lotus position at this time, just cross them as it feels best.

If you are having trouble keeping your back straight, try sitting on the front end of Zafu. This should shift your pelvis to the front and support your back.

Breathing is your key to meditation

When you are satisfied with your posture and your legs are relaxed, close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing. Breathe slow and relaxed. Focus all your thought on breathing. Feel it. Feel how it enters your body, how it swirls and how you press it out when exhaling.

Follow the air the whole time from its entry to the exit from your body. There will be other thoughts appearing. Just notice them. Don’t push them away but also don’t play with them. Your breath is your anchor you return every time.

You might feel the need to change your position – just do it. Maybe you will feel the need to check your e-mails or Facebook likes – just return to your breathing. Don’t judge or criticize yourself, just except your current needs, remember them and continue with breathing.

How long should I meditate?

For starters, try meditating for 3 to 5 minutes per session and then extend that time every day for a few seconds. Stop when you feel you have enough. There is no specific time limit for meditation.

Meditate regularly for at least a month so that you form a habit and start noticing first results. PranaPad will revitalize your body within 15 minutes. Even if you meditate less than this, you can still sit on it while watching your favorite TV show.

Write a mediation journal

You can start writing your meditation journal. Take notes what thoughts are appearing to you during meditation and gain some interesting insights into yourself. What urges did you feel and what feelings did you experience? Did find some questions or maybe answers? What is your subconscious mind is trying to tell you?

Goal oriented meditation

For a more goal oriented meditation you will have to set your goals first. Your goals should be specific enough. Write them down in your journal and repeat them before your next meditation session. You can define a goal or ask a question like: “What can I do today that will make my life better” or your health, financial state etc.

You can achieve many goals with meditation. Look at meditations as a tool to focus and guide your energy and actions towards your goals. After all we miss our goals mostly because we aren’t focused on them and our subconscious wants to do something else.

When you’ve set your goal, sit on your PranaPad, close your eyes, calm your thoughts while focusing on breathing or counting (1 is inhale, 2 is exhale). Now wait. Listen to your inner voice that is whispering, your intuition that is telling you what you can and should do.

Maybe you will get insights in words, pictures or just feel them. This depends mostly on your inner communication channel preference. Start strengthening this channel so you will know what is the product of your imagination and what are actual messages from meditation.

Mediation is simple. There is no wrong path. Be and feel and if you feel you need help visit some of the many meditation websites. Find one that resonates with you and just give in to the leading voice.

We wish you pleasant, successful meditation and lots of journeys into other realms of reality (with the help of PranaPad of course).