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What is PranaPad®?

PranaPad is a crystal enhanced meditation cushion that produces strong, harmonic vibrations that regenerate and balance your bioenergetic field and protects you from harmful radiation.

Only PranaPad contains the Masaru Emoto certified and energized crystals. The Emoto label assures that the crystals used in PranaPad are pure and have the energy potential needed for invoking beneficial physiological changes in your body. The certificate was issued by the Hado Life institute founded by dr. Masaru Emoto in 2004.

If you want to improve your life and sleep with positive energy vibrations, stop searching – the solution is PranaPad®

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Why PranaPad?

Humans, like all living things, have their own bioenergetic field. When this field is in balance, your body has the ability to self-heal and regenerate which is then perceived as physical, emotional and mental health.

PranaPad is a unique crystal structure that enhances life. PranaPad contains 16 all natural crystals in combination with gold to provide perfect body energy.

PranaPad® crystals are unique, patented and tested.

Most people feel its effect after only 15 minutes.

zafu meditation cushion with crystal therapy - PranaPad, butterfly

Because of all the daily chemical, electro-magnetic and other insults to our bodies the water molecules within us changes its structure and creates “energy blockades”. This then prevents the energy flow through the body. Our bioenergetic field cannot recharge and renew anymore. The effect can range from mild to detrimental including:

  • sleep problems,
  • low energy,
  • bad mood or mood swings all the way up to
  • destruction of the immune system and
  • related diseases.

Our lives are now full of stress while we strive for our place in this material world. This is just unavoidable and it will break us eventually if we don’t take care of ourselves.

Meditation for sure is a beneficial technique in such case. Even if mastering meditation takes a lot of time and practice, everybody can meditate. It’s nothing hard. Actually it’s pretty easy. So easy that we set up a quick guide to help you get started with meditation.

And we also help you get the most out of it. Our meditation cushions are built for your comfort and right posture and they have a secret. Within PranaPad you will find a certified crystal pad that will enhance all your meditation efforts and even more. It will change your life forever as it impacts your bio-field and balances physical, mental and emotional health.

PranaPad I love meditating

When using PranaPad you can expect:

  • More energy,
  • Less headaches,
  • Better, deeper sleep,
  • Better regeneration after physical activity,
  • Better hydration and nutrient transport,
  • Sense of inner peace and calm,
  • Mental and spiritual boost,
  • Longevity and wellbeing.

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How did PranaPad come to life?

The PranaPad story is quite a long one that spreads over multiple countries. As all great things, the idea of PranaPad was born out of passion and the desire to help people.

Sandi Starčić

The PranaPad inventor – Sandi Starčić

Sandi Starčić has been collecting stones and minerals since he was a boy and his passion and knowledge have only been growing since. He is the inventor of the PranaPad crystals.

Throughout his life, he’s been drawn into the spiritual and alchemistic world. He studied at the Institut¸e for Inner Studies in Italy, earning him the title Pranic Healer. Throughout this time, he perfected his knowledge with countless books and articles about the physical and energetic realms.

He is now the head of Pranic Healing in his home country, Croatia and has over 20 years of successful Crystal therapy practice behind him.

Lately the Croatian Association for Natural, Energy and Spiritual Medicine (HUPED), has granted him the title Doctor of energy medicine.

His life purpose is to do good and help people. It is even enough just to be near him to feel better. When you ask him how he does it, he just says: “Everybody can do it. Desire and hard work…”. And if you ask him how he knows all this he answers: “This is the work of over 30 years. How can I explain this comprehensible and short?”.

With his gift and knowledge of the crystals, gold and mother Nature, Sandi made PranaPad – the crystal structure with optimal beneficial impact on water, our bodies and minds.

PranaPad – the meditation cusion

PranaPad crystals have already been used as sleeping mats and water base for over a decade but in 2017 the German company Skallarr integrated it in the first crystal meditation cushion for enhancing your physical, mental and spiritual energy.

The work began with selecting a proper meditation cushion also known as Zafu. The cushion has been perfected and made out of all natural materials in India. It is designed to allow you to sit in the perfect posture for meditation even if you don’t have the needed mobility. The optional Zabutton will also protect your knees and ankles.

Every PranaPad now includes a powerful mandala, a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Budism, representing the universe.

The colors have been selected to support and stimulate various focal points of the subtle body, used in ancient meditation practices. You may know these points as chakras.

PranaPad - zafu & zabuton, mandala chakra

As such, PranaPad is a unique and powerful lifestyle tool that will help you optimize your wellbeing on countless occasions. PranaPad is safe to use for everyone! And by this we mean EVERYONE.

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How is PranaPad made?

We make PranaPad with all the possible care (and most important, love).

The cushions are made out of the finest and durable cotton you can machine-wash so you can use them outside and then clean them.

The filling is contained in a separate bag, accessible through zip. The Zafu are filled with organic buckwheat husk, like to ones you would put in your sleeping pillow and Zabutton are filled with organic cotton.

The inventor Sandi Starčić still makes the crystals in PranaPad. The crystal composition proportions vary a bit according to the natural crystal composition but it always consist of:

  • flint,
  • quartz,
  • amethyst,
  • aventurine,
  • citrine,
  • fluorite,
  • heliotrope,
  • red jasper,
  • jasmine jasper,
  • jasper leopard,
  • jasper orange,
  • calcite orange,
  • rose quartz,
  • selenite,
  • serpentine jade,
  • sodalite and
  • 22.5-carat gold.
PranaPad crystal healing

The crystals are then brought to their intended frequency (programmed). To achieve the optimal effect some minerals are added or subtracted if needed.

After this, the minerals are oriented into the Flower of Life shape and pressed between two felt sheets.

In the last stage, the crystals are inserted into the Zafu to form the final product you can easily use.

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zafu meditation cushion with crystal therapy - PranaPad, energizing water

PranaPad is Emoto Certified

PranaPad carries the Emoto label meaning is has been thoroughly tested after the dr. Masaru Emoto method at HADO life institute in Lichtenstein.

PranaPad is one of three crystals that carry the Emoto label.

Not all crystals are created equally and only a handful is granted the Emoto label. As a matter of fact, many more have been tested but no other has passed the objective testing from Hado Life institute.

Be sure you get the original PranaPad! The original is sold only on where you get the Emoto labeled crystals within your meditation cushion.

Water Crystal Examination after the method of Dr Masaru Emoto

Water, it seems, is more than just the sum of its ingredients.

Water has the unique property of reacting to any external influences (vibrations). Based on the dipole character of the water (charge differences within one H2O molecule) billions of very short-lived connections between the water molecules are created per second. This particular feature is perhaps the main reason why so many anomalies (irregularities compared to other chemical substances) are found in the water.

It is interesting that water, whatever the vibration it is exposed to, builds different forms that can be seen either at the macroscopic (e.g. a wave) or microscopic (crystal) level.

With the help of water ice crystal photography, it is possible to reflect the shaping properties of water.

Ice water photography is the method developed by dr. Emoto to study frozen water samples at 200x magnification. This is the most objective method of testing water crystal building properties to date. With this method water can be examined by source or the results can be compared before and after acting upon it (in our case being exposed to PranaPad crystals). This then gives a sense of how effective a product is.

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The PranaPad – Hado Life test

The PranaPad – Hado Life test was done on 13 October 2016. The results where one of the best to date. As you can see from the images below, water placed on the PranaPad crystal mat for 24 hours formed beautiful crystals, while the same water untreated formed unrecognizable, “ugly” shapes.

Hado life masaru emoto test - before pranapad
Hado life masaru emoto test - after pranapad
Hado life masaru emoto test - before PranaPad
Hado life masaru emoto test - after PranaPad

Based on the findings of dr. Masaru Emoto, PranaPad has a strong positive influence on water quality. PranaPad treated water forms significant harmonic structures which is another characteristic of high water quality. It can be assumed, that the structure of water has an essential influence on its environment, which means that it is a significant factor for the health status of all occurring living beings.

Emoto label

Here you can check all the products awarded the Emoto label. There are not a whole lot and we are proud PranaPad is one of them.

It has to be said that products carrying the Emoto label are not recommended directly by dr. Masaru Emoto himself. That would be impossible as he is no longer among us.

Still the Emoto label ensures that the products carrying it have passed the test based on dr. Emoto’s life work, the impact on the crystal structure of water.

This test is carried out by the Hado Life Europe Institute run by Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, dr. Emoto’s lifelong coworker and co-founder of the institute. He carries on his legacy and tries to identify products that do have the positive impact that can be tested and measured objectively.

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Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto is probably most known by his theory that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. He believed that water exposed to positive words will result in “beautiful” crystals being formed when that water is frozen and that negative intention and words tend to yield “ugly” frozen crystal formations.

He was born 1943 in Yokohama, Japan. In the mid 90’s he started studying water and committed his life to it afterwards. He died in Tokyo, Japan in October 2014 after he had spread his ideas all over the world affecting millions of people and had paved the way for massive transformation in the evolution of consciousness, quantum physics and our understanding of reality.

His most known work is probably the book Hidden Messages in Water that contains photographs of ice crystals and their accompanying experiments and went to become a New York Times best seller. His ideas where featured in the movies What the Bleep Do We Know!? and Kamen Rider: The First.

His scientific work was published in the peer reviewed Journal of Scientific Exploration.

“Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is a blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you’re open to it.” dr. Masaru Emoto

Hado Life institute

The water laboratory HADO LIFE was established in 2004 by dipl. Ing. MSc Rasmus Gaupp-Bergausen together with dr. Masaru Emoto.

In Hado life water is studied on its ability to create ice crystals. Those crystals are then photographed and compared to other water sources and natural or technological water enhancers. Since its opening over 2000 test have been made.

Mr. Rasums and Hado Life’s mission is to educate on the lesser known water qualities and to further fill the gap between dr. Emoto’s insights and hard science. Mr. Rasmus has given lectures in over 40 different countries and is ever expanding the work of the institute.

Rasmus Franciscus Gaupp-Berghausen

Rasmus Franciscus Gaupp-Berghausen

He was born in Austria in 1974. At first he studied Landscape Architecture and Planning in Vienna but focused later on determining the real quality of water.

His first master thesis in Denmark focused on the interaction of nutrients between soil and water and his second in Vienna on removal of endocrine disruptors in water.

Since then he has been studying alternative approaches regarding water quality. He’s been learning from dr. Masaru Emoto, dr. Ibrahim Karim, dr. Konstantin Korotkov and Minnie Hein who led him to a deeper understanding about water, that seems to behave differently than any other liquid we know.

In cooperation with dr. Emoto he opened the Hado Life Europe institute that he’s been running since 2004. He is a regular speaker on the topic of water quality and has given lectures in over 40 different countries.

He made interesting observations in water regarding vibration, during the past years of his research. Water seems to have the property to react on any kind of vibration. Experiments with microwaves, ultrasound or just simply with music have demonstrated that water is able to reflect these impacts and reflect their quality in form-giving processes. The obvious appearance of direct relation between harmonic intervals, as we encounter them in music (teaching of harmonic) and the property of water to create beautiful (for the human perception and feeling as nice and positive regarded) and recognizable harmonic shapes is interesting.

His main focus is to show in a scientific context that vibrations as for example the ultrasound have an influence on the properties of water. The target is to evaluate if a modulation of vibration can lead to a quality enhancement. His goal is to contribute to further understanding of life regulating processes. The main assumption of this work is that the more harmonic and thus recognizable a structure the more positive effect it might have to its surrounding.

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